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Thursday's video blog.. Managed to get some more footage of me training during my pad session today so watch and share please. Don't forget to check out my online training course aswel... https://www.udemy.com/mma-fundamentals-with-shay-walsh/

Posted by Shay Walsh on Thursday, 18 February 2016

Shay’s Training Video Blogs from Thailand Part 4

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Check out the latest video blogs from Shay’s training sessions in Thailand
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Wednesday= Yoga, BJJ, Dutch drills and a massage #video #blog #vlog #tigermuaythai

Posted by Shay Walsh on Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Shay’s Training Video Blogs from Thailand Part 3

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Check out the latest video blogs from Shay’s training sessions in Thailand
#tigermuaythai #bamma #puttingoutthefire #ufc #signshaywalsh #shaywalsh

Tuesday video blog, 3 sessions in today at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand Excuse the foul language, especially from Brad 'Quake' Riddell, he's aussie/kiwi so thinks it's acceptable to use the "c" word in every other sentence. I'll try and tone it down abit for the next one Vis Vires Athletics Alex "The Hulk" Volkanovski Nick Hein

Posted by Shay Walsh on Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Shay’s Training Video Blogs from Thailand Part 2

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Check out the latest video blogs from Shay’s training sessions in Thailand
#tigermuaythai #bamma #puttingoutthefire #ufc #signshaywalsh #shaywalsh

First attempt at a video blog. First day back training at Tiger Muay Thai Camp. Have a look and let me know what you think, I'll do more if anyone is interested. Thanks to Vis Vires Athletics for helping me sweat out that jet lag! Alex "The Hulk" Volkanovski #mma #defendthecrown

Posted by Shay Walsh on Saturday, 13 February 2016

Shay’s Training Video Blogs from Thailand Part 1

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Check out the latest video blogs from Shay’s training sessions in Thailand
#tigermuaythai #bamma #puttingoutthefire #ufc #signshaywalsh #shaywalsh

That’s 3 weeks down in Thailand and 1 to go..

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That’s 3 weeks down in Thailand and 1 to go..
Training has been fantastic again,  I’m really happy with everything going into my final week of training in Thailand.  I have known about this title fight for a long time,  much more notice than I have had for previous fights.  I believe I knew this fight was going to happen for around 20 weeks!  It would have been really easy for me to start training too hard too soon and I could be feeling weak and burnt out by this point but I honestly belive my training has been timed perfectly.  Not only did I have to plan my training wisely,  I also needed to make sure I was in England for the birth of my baby. As I’ve mentioned previously it has not been easy leaving him so soon and it has put a lot of pressure on Beccy but as far as preparing for the fight it has worked out perfect.

Once the fight was official I deciced to come to Thailand for a month but to treat it as more of a learning based trip.  So throughout August I was in Thailand just doing as much martial arts training as possible,  conditioning wasn’t my priority so this allowed me to do a lot of bjj,  drills,  pads and wrestling without beating my body up to much.  I did still spar during this time but if my body was sore I skipped the sparring to do a more technical based session.

I then returned to England early September.  The due date was the 26th of September.  While back in England I resumed a normal training schedule,  I managed to work a lot with Barrie Edwards who has been my strength and conditioning coach for around 7 years now and I got to train a lot with my brother Sergio.  Sergio is who started me training and has got me to the point in my career that I’m at now.  He knows my game better than anyone so these sessions working specific things are very important to me.
My beautiful baby Vinnie Ray was born on September 27th,  I can’t wait to see him again.  I then returned to Thailand 5 weeks before the fight date to hit the training hard.  I’m in great shape,  my weight is good and I’m excited to put on a show November 14th.  I have 5 full days of training left here.  Mon-fri then I fly back to Manchester on Friday night.  Travelling back from East to west is good because I’ll make hours up going back through the time zones.  I leave Thailand Friday evening and land in Manchester Saturday morning.  My final week will be focused on the weight cut and going over my game plan with Sergio.

Get in touch with my Dad for tickets or purchase them from the website,  Im peaking ready to put on my best performance yet.  Don’t miss it!

Personal Progress Update

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That’s another week in the bank.

My second week of training in Thailand is finished, one step closer to getting that belt.

I’ve had a really hard and great week of training, I’m not going to detail every session but like last week I have put in the time and effort. It has consited of 2-3 training sessions a day in all areas of the game.

This week I have had Jeff Sainlar filming some of my training. Jeff is in charge of all the media at Tiger and has produced some really cool videos in the past so I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. He is really busy at the moment so it may take a couple of weeks but once its done you will be able to see abit more about my training in Thailand.

Everything is going to plan and my last week of training has just made me even more confident in my abillities, I am performing well in all areas, my fitness is good, my weight is low and my mind is in the right place.

While training for my last fight I was still having a few problems with an injury I had recently recovered from. Basically as soon as the injury had gotten to a place where I could train around it, I had a fight booked and I was straight back into hard training. It all worked out well, I managed to train around it and had a good performance and got the win. Originally I was hoping to get the tittle fight a bit earlier this year but having this little extra time has been perfect for me. I havent had any pain or felt any weakness from the old injury for many weeks now. I felt that the injury had also caused some muscle wastage that I have been able to build back up throughout my strength phase.

The times that I haven’t been training I have just been trying to relax and recover as much as possible. After a session I jump in the shower, eat healthy and then rest. I like to always have a little nap in the daytime just for 45 mins, some people say it makes them feel more tired but I like to do it.

Sunday is my rest day, I try to chill out as much as possible. Since my diet has been going so well and my weight is on track Sunday is the day I get to treat myself to a bit of different food. This is known as my “cheat meal” and its the best time of the week! Tonight was pizza 😉 enough to hold me over until next Sunday.

I am missing my baby Vinnie and Beccy but its only a couple more weeks. I will have that belt then no doubt i’ll become the king of the night time feeds. Ill be up in the middle of the night, every night feeding the little man but I can’t wait!

The rainy season is coming to an end in Thailand but it still comes hard every so often, I had only been back for about 2 days before I got caught out on my moped in a big storm. I had my rain jacket with me and wasn’t too far from the house I stay at so didn’t think much of it until I got back to the house to find that my phone was dripping wet! I tried to dry it out but I think the screen is bust so that meant buying a new phone. The rain also messed up my plans for Saturday evening, we planned on going to the cinema for a chilled night until the rain kicked in again really hard. We decided to skip the cinema, our only mode of transport is mopeds and the last thing we wanted to do was get soaking wet then sit in an air conditioned cinema for 2 hours.

Other than the rain spoiling a couple of things everything else is perfect, keep getting in touch with my Dad for tickets, I have had a lot of interest so its looking like it will be a really busy night. My opponent Ed also brings a big crowd but I’m confident that the noise from you lot will drown them out! Im bringing the loudest crowd and leaving with the belt!

Early night for me ready for it to start all over again on Monday morning. Keep looking out for updates.


My Progression Update

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Thats my first week back at Tiger Muay thai complete, I arrived back in Thailand on Saturday evening after a good journey. On the first flight I had 3 seats to myself so I got to lay flat and go to sleep and on the second flight I had extra leg room so I was able to get some more sleep and sit comfortably.

On the Sunday I did a light workout and went to the sauna in the evening. A good sweat out is the best thing after a long day of traveling, your body retrains water on the plane so the sooner you get rid of that the better. I woke up Monday morning ready for the hard bit.

My first week has been fantastic, its great to be back mixing it up with all the boys out here. My week from Monday to Saturday has consisted of either 2 or 3 training sesssions a day including BJJ, wrestling, striking drills, pad work, strength and conditioning and MMA sparring.

Everything is on track, I feel fit and sharp in all areas and those feelings will only improve over the few weeks of gruelling training.

Sunday was spent relaxing as much as possible, its like a race trying to heal my body of any knocks and bumps or aches and pains before it starts all over again on Monday morning. I slept in late, had a chilled day at the beach the got a massage before writing this and watching some tv in the evening.

My plan for Monday looks like this..
Morning, BJJ- I always enjoy drilling my movements then looking at a few techniques before some live grappling. This class is always full of solid grappling partners wether is mainly bjj based guys or some nasty russian wrestlers/ sambo players.

Afternoon, muay thai private- Since my last trip I have been working with a different pad man, Kru Lai gives me some really tough rounds on the pads and never lets me stand still. He preaches alot of foot and head movement which is perfect for MMA.

Evening, MMA sparring- On Mondays at Tiger the MMA sparring is all small gloves, I think getting these rounds in are really important so that you dont get to used to hiding behind big boxing gloves. This is the lighter sparring session of the week focusing on defence, movement and ground work.
As you can see I have a busy day ahead of me so im going to rap this up and get some sleep! I am planning on writing a weekly blog on the lead up to my fight to go on my website so keep an eye out. Please start organising your tickets with my Dad or Dan Caton. £35 or £55, its going to be a great night.. dont miss it!!

Ed Arthur vs. Shay Walsh bantamweight title bout official for BAMMA 23 in Birmingham

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The fight that European MMA fans have been calling for is finally taking place as BAMMA bantamweight champion Ed Arthur looks to defend his title for the first time against Shay Walsh at BAMMA 23.

BAMMA 23: Night Of Champions will take place on Saturday 14th November 2015 at the Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham.

Since being crowned as the BAMMA Bantamweight Champion at BAMMA 20, Ed Arthur (6-0) has had no end of challengers and call outs. The Hemel Martial Arts Standout has made no bones about his willingness to take on all comers, and now faces the exceptionally dangerous Walsh. The undefeated Arthur has had nothing short of a meteoric rise in MMA and intends to continue on that journey at BAMMA 23.

“I will beat all these bantamweights, no one is taking my belt!”

— Ed Arthur

Shay Walsh (13-3) put on a dominant display at BAMMA 21 in beating the previously undefeated Gaz ‘Spitfire’ Pilot in his Bantamweight debut to secure the first shot at Ed Arthur’s title. The fighter who splits his time between Lancaster MMA & Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket under Roger ‘El Matador’ Huerta, will present Arthur with his biggest challenge yet. Walsh is determined that he will walk away the Champion on the 14th November and that he will do everything in his power to make it happen. Get ready for fireworks, in what will be a fight that simply cannot be missed.

“I’m looking forward to this one, we both bring a big crowd so I think the noise will be deafening. I’ll be bringing a world title back to Lancaster”

— Shay Walsh